About us

Z-SCHOOL is the largest online-learning platform in Israel via ZOOM, offering a remarkable team of professional and experienced teachers who were carefully selected, focusing on personally customized experiential and enjoyable learning.

Z-SCHOOL offers a wide range of subjects and strives to strengthen and enrich your learning experience, available for all ages.
Covid led us to understand that online education is not only harmless but could even be more beneficial than traditional education.
 We studied ZOOM and all of its advantages and weaknesses.
In Z-SCHOOL, we give prominence to personal attention and assistance in finding the most suitable teacher and study program and providing
an enjoyable and personally customized learning experience.
The platform operates with ZOOM, a known and convenient system.
In Z-SCHOOL, private or small group lessons are available, allowing the incorporation of additional life skills into the learning experience.
Learning via ZOOM enables students to resort to the finest private
instructors across the country.
From the other end, the platform allows the best teachers across the country to meet students regardless of their location and expand their pool of students.
Z-SCHOOL allows every student the studying reinforcements available at school or enrichment of additional contents during free time – without leaving home, at a reasonable price, an optimal learning experience, preserving high quality and professional studying levels

Z-SCHOOL also specializes in establishing and creating virtual schools for companies in Israel to benefit employees and their children.

Teachers who are not found qualified according to website rules will be removed at once.

The teachers are ranked by lessons executed and parent/student recommendations.

Our teachers undergo training for using the ZOOM system to provide you with the best services.

In addition, Z-SCHOOL accompanies many Israelis worldwide who have relocated or are planning to return, assisting their children with their studies and adaptation to the local education system.
Z-SCHOOL specializes in establishing and creating virtual schools for companies to benefit employees and their children. We work with companies such as Mekorot, Netafim, Computools, Cargo Amerford, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the pandemic, each student of every age knows how to study online via ZOOM and has gained experience. Teachers have also adapted their methods to online instruction. Z-School teachers are experienced in accessing the subjects via ZOOM and establishing meaningful connections with their students. Additionally, this method allows enriching content to be taught.
Online learning was not invented during the Covid era and is likely to stay. Our children will likely encounter online learning in their everyday life (and much more likely to experience it as adults in job markets). It is necessary to enhance these relevant skills and abilities

After signing up on the Z-School website, we will find the most suitable teacher and subject for you. After scheduling with your teacher, you will receive a ZOOM link to your email.
The teachers will make payment before the scheduled lessons.
We put particular emphasis on our teachers and the topic selection, and we carefully and constantly examine their teaching quality using professional pedagogical tools. We would greatly appreciate your feedback at the end of each lesson.

A computer, an internet connection, and a comfortable, quiet place to sit. The lessons are taught via ZOOM, be advised to sign in before they begin.

The lesson policy does not allow a refund for a lesson that has already taken place. At the end of the lesson, we would be glad to receive your feedback, and learn about your experience, and if need be, we will replace your teacher and find a suitable one for your future lessons. 

At Z-School, you will receive personal assistance in choosing topics and finding the best teacher suited for you without spending unnecessary stress, time, and money.
We offer study-enhancement lessons and enriching content at a relatively low price.
At Z-School, students can study at the time and place they wish (at home or with a friend).
Through Z-School, you could reach every quality teacher in the country at vast availability and supply.
We offer an excellent alternative during free time (using the screen for development).
Group study allows practicing social skills during studying.
At Z-School, you can receive a private/family/group customized school- just for you.

What is our Advantage?

On the Students’ End

Access to content at dramatically lower prices than private lessons; the students will be able to study at a time and place chosen by them (such as at home or with a friend); accessibility for every student in the country; broad supply and availability; personalized assignments; personal attention aimed at enhancing the student’s motivation and involvement in the learning process.

On the Teachers’ End

Higher accessibility- removes the geographical obstacle; supplementary income during free time; more significant profit than private tutoring; larger market allowing to reach a multitude of students nationwide. The faculty will be in sync with what is taught in schools and offer reinforcements accordingly, offering extracurricular content and focusing on a personalized program.

On the Parents’ End

Studying reinforcements and reaching achievements - it is no secret that parents today are disappointed by the education system and struggle with cost-of-living, considering the school level to be extremely low and restricts progress- neither for strong students wishing to leap forward nor for weaker students requesting particular reinforcements. All this is due to the level of teaching, outdated methods, the number of students in class, noise, poor discipline, and finally, the inability to customize the study program for groups or individuals due to a large number of students.

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