Customized Individual/Group Lessons

Z-SCHOOL- Invest in your children with private online lessons by the most experienced teachers – without paying a fortune, with no exhausting coordination, and without ending up as a cab driver! (All via ZOOM!)

Join thousands of parents who provide their children with devoted education, personal service, and attention in a wide range of subjects for all ages!

What do you receive at Z-school?

Significant financial savings

While private tutoring can arrive at the cost of 150-200 ILS – we require much less and offer the possibility of reducing costs by applying for group lessons!

Customized schedule

Z-school provides a wide range of subjects and assists in finding the perfect teacher and customizing the program according to your child’s needs- for all ages.

Most experienced teachers

After receiving personal recommendations, we have selected our teachers very carefully, and we strive to maintain the highest level of teachers in all subjects!

A gift for study groups

Form a group of more than four students in any topic you choose and receive the first group lesson free of charge!

Leave us your information, and we will get back to you with a suitable instructor

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