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Z-School – Invest in your children with online private lessons with the most experienced teachers and pay as if you were in Israel (even cheaper…)

Especially suitable for Israelis relocating or planning to return to Israel and wish to prepare their children for the local education system and language and enhance their self-confidence.

If you are relocated, living abroad, or planning to return to Israel and are looking for domestic education or private tutoring for your children at affordable prices – you came to the right place!

We are here for you with an excellent Israeli teachers team in various topics, core subjects, and enriching content for all ages from 1st to 12th Grade – professional and experienced teachers offering an experiential and enjoyable learning process.

Your children may study in Hebrew, or any language you wish, with friends from around the world.

Significant Financial Saving

While private lessons could reach 100 dollars/euro per session – at Z-school, you pay much less in ILS, with the possibility of holding group lessons!

Personalized Curriculum

In Z-School, you can enjoy a variety of topics for all ages taught by carefully selected teachers.

Adjustment to Israel’s Education System

Perfect for families returning to Israel and those who relocated for a few years.

Smooth Landing and Self-Confidence

Z-School provides a smooth landing for families leaving the country, providing their children a confidence boost with lessons taught in their native language.

What People Think? – Reports Worldwide

My children are delighted! You can see that Z-School teachers are the best tutors you could ask for. Priceless gift!

You don’t get how hard it is to find an available Hebrew-speaking tutor at an affordable price… And thank you so much for the wonderful 24\7 service!

The math learning method here is totally different- the whole process of solving problems and calculating is so different from the one we were taught in Israel, and our child got lost… with the help of Z-School teachers, I can help my son catch up in ways I would have never imagined.

I couldn’t find a single adequate history and bible teacher here and tried to get by with the help of friends. Since I found Z-School – I’m all set!

It is just incredible how everything in Z-School is done in such simplicity… Subscribing, coordinating, access. You came to us from heaven.

Thank you for the smooth landing of my three children in Israel’s education system after three years of relocation in Paris. I don’t know what I would have done without you!

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